• 9 Modular Kitchen Storage Ideas For An Efficient Cooking Experience

modular kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen storage is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.
It's not just a matter of cramming everything into the allotted space. Everything should be arranged in a manner that the kitchen activities run smoothly.

Consider this scenario.
It is possible to forget an ingredient while preparing a dish despite meticulously following the recipe. Spending several minutes merely to find its location is a time-consuming and irritating effort. Or you know precisely where it is, but it's on the top shelf of the wall-mount cabinet, and you need help getting to it.
By then, the food item you’re cooking gets overheated or even burned.
Even if you remember to switch off the gas stove, it's important to remember exactly where you left off to finish the task smoothly.

Functional kitchen storage involves the organization that minimizes the work required for cooking.

Indian modular kitchens have come a long way from their traditional equivalents, which were unorganized, and lacked proper work amenities. Modular kitchens, which have grown popular among homeowners, involve a wide range of interesting accessories and appliances that provide easy access while taking up only the necessary space.

Bookmark this article for different types of storage solutions that offer various functions.

1. How to manage wet dishes and bowls in a modular kitchen?

PDR unit

How do you handle wet dishes?
Usually, it is arranged next to the kitchen sink but getting rid of excess water and drying the dishes takes a lot of time.

The PDR Unit is meant to solve this issue. Also known as the Plate Drain Rack Unit, the PDR unit is a convenient storage facility for keeping wet plates, bowls, and other cutlery for draining and drying.
The tray underneath collects the draining water. After some time, take the tray out and pour the water into the sink.
The necessary detergents should be within easy reach for dishwashing, laundry, and other cleaning processes.

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2. Where should detergents be stored in a modular kitchen?

Unlike the traditional chimney, where a duct carries out irritants, an electric chimney sucks in everything and is placed right above the cooktop.

Detergent pull-out

Cleaning is one of the essential tasks, and it is imperative to keep the detergents and other cleaning agents within convenient reach.
A detergent pull-out is a useful accessory installed under the kitchen sink offering easy access while washing. This detergent storage comes with two deco mica baskets that can be pulled out when needed.

An essential ingredient can also be easily accessed to simplify the cooking process, much like detergents during the washing process.

3. Where should important cooking items be stored in a modular kitchen?

Cooking agent

The ingredients needed for the cooking process may be separated into two categories: those needed to prepare a specific meal and those needed for all dishes.

Regarding the latter, things like spices, flavours, oil, mustard, salt, sugar, and vinegar should be stored within easy reach rather than wandering across the kitchen to grab something as simple as a tiny container of salt.
Cooking Agent by Kessebohmer is a base-mounted, front-fixed pull-out storage rack for modular kitchens with an adaptable, streamlined wire surround. It can be tailored to the client's specifications to meet their cooking demands. It usually has room for drinks, cutlery, knives, masala packets, tissues, salt & pepper, etc.

Ingredients needed for a specific meal do not have to be an emergency during the cooking process. Which raises the question, where else can it be kept?

4. How to access corner spaces in modular kitchen cabinets?

Magic corner

Raw rice, wheat, flour, dried spices, and additional sugar or salt packets require cool and dry places for storage. Food storage temperature is a crucial factor.

They are stored in lower cabinets for easy access. Extra raw materials are pushed to the corner space. Which raises the question, how easy is it to access the modular kitchen cabinet’s corner spaces?

As expected, it is a tedious process that can lead to possible accidents or injuries while pulling yourself out of the kitchen cabinet.

What if one can get to the extreme corner with a simple pull? That is what the magic corner does. Magic corner involves two or four platforms fitted next to a handle. When the handle is pulled, two platforms are revealed. The front platform is pushed out and swiveled to an open position with a single pull, while the back platform is concurrently brought to the cabinet opening. Another pull brings the second platform out into the open for complete access.

The framework operates so smoothly that one will enjoy pulling and pushing.

5. In a modular kitchen, where can one neatly store all the necessities?

Lavido pantry pull-out

Accessing various items from within a shelf can be frustrating. To reach the objects at the back, all of the front-facing items must be removed. Even then, one must ascend a stool to access the innermost areas of the shelf.

The Lavido pantry pull-out is a valuable item for easy access to storage. This accessory by Kesseböhmer has many racks that can be brought out with a single button. It includes an anti-skid mat to keep the containers from falling out. This unit's racks can be accessed from all sides.

Lavido pantry pull-out brings out the whole structure, but one can also opt for an accessory where only one drawer comes out.

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Space tower

Space tower is an accessory that helps maximize kitchen storage efficiently and ergonomically. Various brands like Kessebohmer, Hettich, and Hafele offer it. It is a type of storage drawer made up of numerous layers piled together. Each drawer can support a weight load of up to 40 kilos and is tall enough to accommodate an average person's height.

It holds heavy utensils, food, huge dishes, bowls, small appliances, cutlery sets, and other stuff.

Even if one does not want to bring out any of the structures, are there other ways to access objects at the rear end of a cabinet?

6. How to reach the rear end of a modular kitchen cabinet?


The TurnMotion is an excellent addition to any modular kitchen. Various brands like Kessebohmer, Blum, Hafele, and Hettich provide it. This kitchen equipment consists of a platform that can be simply turned. Each platform completes a 360 rotation for easy access to storage and can be set at a desirable angle. It can take up to 20 kilograms weight.
It is usually used for storing everyday food items, cereals, spices, and other snacks. TurnMotion comes in chrome and anthracite finishes.

It is certainly convenient to turn a platform, but what if they could move the upper platform closer to them?

7. How to reach the top portion of a modular kitchen cabinet?


You want to grab something that is hidden behind everything else. You can get to it only by removing all of the stuff at the front. At the same time, a short individual may find the upper section too distant. They can utilize a chair to go to the top. But, all this is avoidable with an i-move.
I-move is an exceptionally handy kitchen equipment that helps to reduce stress in the kitchen. Consider a kitchen cupboard that is overflowing with stuff. Pull the handle to bring the platform closer to you so you can quickly access your desired object.

All of the aforementioned accessories conceal the kitchen objects properly. What happens, though, if the things need enough ventilation?

Is it possible to ensure proper ventilation while protecting the contents?

8. Where can one store fruits and vegetables in a modular kitchen to keep them fresher for longer?

Wicker basket

Fruits and vegetables require appropriate ventilation to improve their shelf life by limiting water loss from fresh produce. A drawer with enough ventilation can assist with this.
The wicker basket is an organic alternative for organizing fruits and vegetables offered by several manufacturers, including Hettich and Hafele. The inclusion of ventilation grids that allow airflow is a design feature. The kitchen cabinet size determines the width and height of the wicker basket. It can support up to 12 kg of weight.
The ventilation grids make it ideal for storing fruits and vegetables.
The wicker basket is typically positioned near the sink area to facilitate workflow.

While fruits and vegetables need the required moisture, Where should one keep the kitchen appliances?

9. Where can one safely store kitchen appliances in a modular kitchen?

Rolling shutter pantry

A rolling shutter pantry gives the modular kitchen design a seamless, elegant appearance. It is available from the Rehau brand. The pantry shutter can be rolled up for convenient access, and the height can be modified dependent on the entire height of the pantry. It is intended to hold various gadgets such as a mixer, toaster, etc.
People can choose between PVC and glass shutters. PVC comes in silver, while glass shutters are available in white and black. It can withstand 100 kg of weight.

Thanks to these accessories, kitchen storage is more than just a chore; it's an art.

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