Home Visit for Consultancy and Measurements

We all desire a space that feels authentically our own: somewhere we can coil up over a cup of tea.

However big or small your project is, we will analyze your situation and suggest you the designs that works for you! Together, we can discuss on each other's experience, push our ideas further and create remarkable place that go beyond the physical environment. We work with you from scratch sourcing every little detail (even down to cutlery and other accessories).

You might actually enjoy the decorating process after all!!

Call our Expert at Home for Survey & Measurements

  • Discuss about your requirements with our expert
  • They will check your space and scope of work
  • A detailed survey with precise measurement will be taken
  • Free design options with 3D preview will follow
  • Obtain a detailed quotation with no compulsion to buy

While working with us, you know ACCURATELY what’s going on – we keep you well-versed with the updates on every process of your Kitchen.

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A visit at our showroom and even the most exacting of critics will have to admit, that it probably outclasses every other kitchens they’ve seen.

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Process & Delivery

Step 1


This is the first initiative that we take to meet you and allows us to explain our products and what we have to offer to you and also to understand who you are, how you live and how you want to be perceived.

Step 2


We take measurements of your space noting electrical outlets, flooring, ceilings, wall covering, lighting etc. We walk a grid of your space while taking photos from every angle. We determine the 'non-negotiables' and understand the context – the architectural style and detail of the house, the flow of the space, the natural light, the interior style in other parts of the house. We take an initial assessment of your design needs and offer some practical advice.

Step 3


Our highly trained design specialist then fuse together each and every element to design and create a special customized design made only for you.

Step 4


This is certainly the most exciting step. While you were waiting for the big day, we were planning,measuring, crafting, building, and finishing the various pieces designed just for you. Our designer along with the crew then arrives to install the products and to attend to all the finishing touches.

Step 5


This is the final and most important part of the process. We do a final walk-through with you and prepare a list of any remaining small items needing attention. We also discuss the care and maintenance of all your new finishes and equipment so you can enjoy them for many years and maintain their appearance.

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