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Wardrobes are apportioned spaces to hold your key valuables. Considering storage volumes through functional yet elegant designs, each of our wardrobes is thoughtfully tailored to make the most of your space. Personalized to your specifications and lifestyle, we offer the following range of wardrobes.

  • OPENABLE WARDROBES – Open Elegance : Hinged doors; More hanging space; Improved visibility
  • SLIDING WARDROBES - Effortless Functions: Horizontal gliding doors; sleek and contemporary designs; widespread length
  • WALK-IN WARDROBES – Flaunt your selections: Open wardrobes; Organized space; Makes your dressing room truly dear

Stylish to the core.


10 Years


40 - 45 Days

Wardrobe Types


Created to fit more in

A Design Statement
Bespoke designs that perfectly match your lifestyle, creates a lasting impression. For a truly unique addition to your bedroom furniture, we put high premium on attention to details for refined finished and luxury.

Organized with ZERO waste of space.
A place for everything and everything in its place, our wardrobes ensure that your selections fit right without cluttering.  Apart from that, the unparalleled functionality gives you an easy access to everything.

Shades / Textures
Select from the wide range of colours and texture options, finishes and style.

Fittings & Accessories
Our fittings and accessories add the perfect finish to your kitchen or bedroom wardrobe and storage systems.

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