• A Healthy Kitchen Makeover

From an opulent bungalow to a modest urban flat, a home is a life-changing investment. But does your dwelling place you upbeat toward the start and day's end? A kitchen is the core of the house that controls and keeps up the whole vibe of your home and is one corner that is, more often than not, neglected when it comes to designing & optimizing space and using the right materials.

The questions that you need to ask yourselves are:

  • Is your kitchen a multifunctional hub for cooking and socializing?
  • Does your kitchen give a healthy environment and how does it affect you and your family?
  • Are you spending 'more than required' in kitchen renovations?
  • More importantly, what can you do today, without spending an exorbitant amount of money, to help you feel better about the space you have?

Good Heath thrives in a healthy kitchen environment that is created by minimizing sources of harmful chemicals and substances. This could be achieved by a clear understanding of kitchen workflow, and thoughtful construction and usage of spaces.

Keep in mind the following things while giving a healthy makeover to your kitchen:

Sustainability and Value
Though updating your kitchen appliances to more energy efficient models could make your kitchen more eco-accommodating, it's not by any means the most sustainable way to make a progressively practical kitchen condition. It is imperative to use and consider materials that are sustainable, microbe-free,and have a longer lifetime value – such as stainless steel – for your countertops and cabinets. This new age material not only helps you recoup 70% of your kitchen renovation costs but also gives you a safer and healthier alternative to wooden kitchens.

The Facade
On the off chance that your kitchen's visual plan is caught in the 1980s or 1990s, at that point it could presumably utilize a visual update. You can go the conventional way and change the whole appearance of your kitchen by just re-painting the dividers and cupboards. But, this will cost you a lot more if you consider the complete lifecycle of your kitchen. The other way is to install a modular kitchen that comes with perceptive designs and colours that could be periodically upgraded on your request.

Having a kitchen that you cherish can affect your everyday life in positive ways. As per one study, of the individuals who renovated their kitchens in 2018, 33% said they have a healthier lifestyle. Nearly half said they have all the more family time, and 41% said they cook more at home.It's difficult to deny these advantages that are not only justified but also essential for a healthy living.

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