• Farah Khan’s Kitchen Transformation: The Magic Of Mint-Black-White

How did filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan go from a broken wooden kitchen to a beautiful and elegant mint green kitchen within a matter of a few weeks?

Farah Khan was in the market for a new stainless steel kitchen. She came across Kuche7 and visited our showroom. After looking at the various options available in colors, accessories, appliances, textures, and finishes, she chose the current look of her kitchen.

Farah Khan’s old kitchen

Parallel Kitchen for an Efficient Workflow

Farah Khan’s new kitchen

Farah Khan had a parallel kitchen that we had to work with. The best part about the kitchen was how much space it had. The countertops were spacious, and there was enough distance between the two countertops to move about freely. Despite the parallel kitchen, it did not feel cramped. By placing the cooktop and sink on opposite sides of the kitchen, we made sure that there was enough space to move around the kitchen with ease and safety.

Under-Cabinet Lighting for a Bright and Inviting Atmosphere

Under-Cabinet lighting

To enhance the ambiance and functionality of the kitchen, we installed under-cabinet lighting that illuminates the countertops and highlights the mint-black-white combination of the kitchen. The soft glow of the LED lights creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes the kitchen more welcoming and practical.

Marble Walls for a Luxurious Touch

Black Marble Countertop and Walls

To add a touch of luxury and elegance to the kitchen, we used black marble tiles for the walls behind the cooktop and sink. The natural veins and patterns of the marble create a stunning visual effect that elevates the kitchen's design and adds value to the home.

Hidden Profile Handles and Soft-Touch Closing for a Sleek Look and Fee

Profile Handles and Soft Closing Cabinets

To achieve a clean and minimalist look, we used hidden profile handles that blend seamlessly with the cabinet doors and drawers. This design detail adds a touch of sophistication and practicality, as it eliminates the need for protruding handles that can catch on clothing or bump into people. We also installed soft-touch closing mechanisms that ensure the doors and drawers close smoothly and silently, without slamming or making a sound.

Overhead Chimney for Effective Ventilation and Lighting

Overhead Chimney

To eliminate smoke and odor during cooking and ensure proper ventilation, we installed an overhead chimney that extracts the fumes and steam from the cooktop and vents them outside. This not only improves the air quality and safety of the kitchen but also provides extra lighting for the workspace.

PDR Unit and Pull-Out Pantry for Customized Storage

Pull-Out Pantry PDR (Plate and Dry Rack)

To optimize the storage capacity and organization of the kitchen, we designed a combination of cabinets and units. We also installed a tall unit that accommodates the oven and microwave at eye level and a PDR (Plate and Dry Rack) unit that allows you to drain your crockery. Placed above the sink, it works perfectly to dry your utensils without leaving them in the open. To keep the pantry items organized and reachable, we added a pull-out pantry that slides out like a drawer and offers multiple shelves and baskets for different food and supplies.

Farah Khan’s Delight On The Completion Of Her Kitchen

On completion of the kitchen renovation, Farah Khan showed off her new kitchen and said:

"As you can see, everything is stainless steel, and I am just amazed. I would recommend Kuche7 not only to all my friends but also to all of you. I think I’m going to become their brand ambassador because I am absolutely delighted with my kitchen. Now I just have to train my staff because they're so used to the old kitchen that it has to be very gentle, and I think a lot more Farah ki daawat are going to happen from this kitchen.”

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