• Guide to Modular Kitchens layout

The efficiency of any modular kitchen most likely depends upon its layout.

Every tiny entity in the modular kitchen must form a perfect harmony. Therefore, one should choose the kitchen layout very wisely.


Kitchen layouts also play a crucial role in deciding the efficiency of your kitchen. They can make or break your entire workflow. Ample storage space, proper segregation of preparation, cooking, and washing areas, are some of the many highlights of an optimum kitchen layout. A good kitchen layout is one that takes care of all your kitchen needs. Multiple designs can work proficiently in the same kitchen space, but only the one with a great working triangle should be considered.

Depending on the amount of space available for the kitchen and lifestyle, you can play around with the design. Several important criteria are taken under consideration before laying the foundation of an ideal kitchen layout.

modular kitchen layout

What are the different types of kitchen layouts?

Kitchen layouts have been changing time and again with technological advancements. There is no right layout. Every layout is specially curated to cater to specific needs. Each one differs from the other on a certain level. You can club and customize them according to your requirements and preferences. After major calculations and discussions, the kitchen experts have curated five unique kitchen layouts that work well in almost every kitchen. You will learn the distinct properties of each of the five layouts in this article.

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1. What is a linear kitchen layout?

linear kitchen

A linear kitchen layout is the most popular option for an open kitchen. As the name implies, a linear kitchen setting only runs along one kitchen wall. This layout adheres to a straight counter laid out in a single stretch. The concise storage space gives rise to more than one overhead cabinet requirement. Hence, a loft unit is incorporated in such a setting. The placement of the refrigerator need not be along the linear counter. It's an excellent layout for nuclear families.

Advice: Opt for a linear layout in a modular kitchen for a vacation or investment home kitchen.

2. What is a parallel kitchen layout?

parallel kitchen

A parallel kitchen layout refers to two linear counters running opposite each other. One entire counter is dedicated to the preparation of a meal. The cooking hob, sink, and refrigerator can be placed in multiple ways to achieve the most efficient kitchen working triangle. A parallel kitchen layout creates ample under-counter space and eliminates dead corners. A single band of the overhead cabinet can suffice all the storage requirements in a parallel configuration.

Advice: For optimum circulation in a parallel kitchen layout, maintain at least a 2ft. distance between the two counters.

3. What is an ‘L’ shaped kitchen layout?

L shaped kitchen

An 'L' shaped kitchen layout looks exactly like the name suggests. It is a functional stainless steel modular kitchen design layout with plenty of open counter space. Over one side of the counter stretch, an overhead cabinet is usually provided, while a wet counter space is located on the opposite side of the counter. The entire kitchen counter is laid out in the shape of the alphabet, 'L.' The efficiency triangle works best in an L-shaped kitchen layout, making it one of the most popular choices among modern homeowners.

Advice: Opt for an L-shaped kitchen layout to make the most of your kitchen space.

4. What is a ‘U’ or ‘C’ shaped kitchen layout?

U or C shaped kitchen

‘U’ or ‘C’ modular kitchen layout is one of the most common layouts. As the name suggests, this design adheres to three sides of your kitchen wall. The only wall left vacant is the one with the entrance. Corner solutions can be used to deal with the dead corners. Segregation of wet and dry areas is easier as they can be placed separately on different counters. You can opt for complete or partial overhead cabinets depending on your requirements. The dining usually takes place separately in 'U' shaped kitchens.

Advice: This modular kitchen layout gives ample circulation area. Get this layout for a larger stainless steel modular kitchen.

5. What is an island kitchen layout?

island kitchen

An island kitchen layout is a viable option only when an enormous amount of space is available for the kitchen. These island modular kitchens are supreme kitchens where an extra counter is laid out separately in the middle of the kitchen. Depending on your requirements, you can have a square, a rectangle, a circle, or personalize it in any shape you like. The island is generally used as a bar counter or an extra preparation counter. An additional sink is provided on the island. Such kitchen layouts are usually seen in villas, family vacation homes, or houses with joint families.

Advice: If you want to incorporate dining within the kitchen, opt for an island layout.

How to change an existing kitchen layout?

You can most definitely refurbish your existing kitchen layout. However, it is advisable to start afresh for a better and more efficient layout design. The previous or current kitchen layout may not work out quite well with newly emerged kitchen requirements. Therefore, it is always an excellent choice to choose a new layout to tackle all your kitchen needs. Plus, with a new layout, you can also integrate extra space and natural lighting, which are a new trend for modern modular kitchens.

These modular kitchen layouts can be customized in stainless steel to meet your specific kitchen needs. The design, however, goes much beyond the modular kitchen layout. Color, finishes, positioning, and accessories, among other factors, all play a crucial role in creating your kitchen's overall aesthetic and appeal. Depending on the requirements, one must pick the most economical and suitable modular kitchen for themselves. Each Kuche7 modular kitchen is unique and fits precisely in the space provided. At Kuche7, our skilled designers at Kuche7 are well-equipped to create the kitchen of your dreams most intriguing.

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